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Victor grew up in the small city of Manassas‚Äč, VA where he fell in love with the beautiful game of soccer as a young kid. Growing up with an identical twin who also played, he and his brother captured the hearts of their coaches and parents but missed opportunities to move their soccer career along. Unfortunately, this led to broken dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, thus always having regret. Because of this void, Victor has made it his obligation to make it possible for others to fulfill their dreams. With the use of his knowledge,  experience in negotiating and marketing, and his broad range of connections, he is determined to fulfill his mission to… 

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CarrasGoal is thrilled to consider itself a Brand, Football Consulting Service and an Agency. Because of the love of the beautiful game, we noticed many flaws in this industry and unfortunately have not seen any major solutions to players. With the help of our expertise and experiences we have created not only a solution but a lifestyle change that will benefit footballers even after their careers. 

our story

Chris and I (Victor) are identical twins born and raised in northern Virginia. Football was an everyday thing so it came to no surprise that it would be our life. From a young age we were very talented and gifted, even going on team much older and more physical.

We possessed a great amount of confidence and always did well under pressure. Unfortunately hanging with the wrong crowd and creating a negative mindset we did not chase our dreams of becoming pro and it was the most painful thing we will ever regret. Of course we always followed football and played a few times a week.

Life happened and went through lots of experiences until one day I had it with my life. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel like I had purpose. So one day as I was working my second job around 2 AM I started writing down my dreams and I realized something. I wanted to help players achieve what I never did. I knew that the only regret my brother and I had was to not go pro.

I started the agency and realized how much players are uninformed and unskilled in many areas outside of the pitch. I started a new game plan and later spoke to my brother about this new big thing coming up and he was 1000% with me. He left his firefighting career that he invested heavily on and is now part of the team.

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