Whatever It Takes Attitude – Audio & Ebook


If your looking to become a professional player then you need to read this. This is literally the perfect time to get ready! With everything going on you would think things are getting worse but not for you. You need to take advantage of every opportunity possible and believe me, this is it.


While many players are not playing, this is your chance to get yourself motivated. You have the opportunity to prepare yourself while the majority of players are waiting at home recording Tik Tok videos. Assuming becoming a professional soccer player is your dream, you need to make the decision now!! In this short Ebook, I go over my 2 cents from a personal experience along with the opinions of my colleagues. I explain 3 different perspectives on what you need to look for when attending an open try-out.


Understand, this only applies if you apply the knowledge on the pitch. This isn’t a secret formula on how to make it but it will definitly shift your perspective and will also challenge you. Consider this a supplement to your workout. It benefits you but you must put in work 24/7 to acheive results!


What are you waiting for? Download my ebook NOW!!



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